The Waukesha County Community Dental Clinic provides basic dental treatment to adults who have been referred by partnering agencies.

Patients must be over 18 years of age, have income which falls below 200% of Federal Poverty Guidelines and who do not have insurance or Medicaid insurance to be eligible for the program.

Patients will receive care limited to alleviating the chief dental complaint; either being referred into a private dental office or treated at the WCCDC.

Patients will be scheduled for appointments by the Community Dental Health Coordinator after the WCCDC receives the completed paperwork.

Guidelines for agencies referring patients to the WCCDC:

  1. Please complete the Agency Referral Form. Provide as much information about the patient as possible.
  2. Please assist the client in completing the Application for Dental Services, Health History and Release Acknowledgement, which can be found in the forms page of this website. Patient MUST sign all documents before faxing.
  3. Fax all paperwork to Kristal De La Paz. FAX NUMBER 262-522-2828.
  4. If the person you are referring has a dental emergency, please use the same referral form, AND indicate that it is a dental emergency.
  5. For all questions pertaining to a referral, please refer to the WCCDC Referral Check List or call Kristal De La Paz at 262-522-7645 ext. 228.

A patient care coordinator will call the patient to schedule an appointment.

There will be a discounted fee for any treatment required – after the initial evaluation, regardless of where the treatment is done. The patient will receive an estimate of treatment cost before the referral is made. If the patient is not able to pay, the fee will be waived and the patient will receive care at the WCCDC.

For all dental emergencies, current emergency appointment protocol will continue as it is.

Patients with a dental emergency will be asked to call on a daily basis to schedule an appointment to evaluate the dental emergency; patients will receive treatment at WCCDC.

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